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Animation Domination : The Simpsons

Series Name: The Simpsons Television Network : Fox Running Time : 22-24 Minutes Broadcast Run : December 17th, 1989 to present(530 episodes and counting) This post was transplanted from my previous blog, Today on Television. It is something I wish … Continue reading

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Ferguson is Prophetic

I knew I was watching SNICK for valid reasons. If I only took it as a study of how to predict the future, I would probably be way ahead of the curve by now. Imagine. Take a throwaway line from … Continue reading

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“Count Popula, a Magical Monster with Pencil’s for Arms.”

The Teachings of Coach McGuirk Life sucks. That’s your lesson. Go enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with lying to women. Or the government. Or parents. Or God. You wanna know something? *Anyone* can become a soccer coach. Like, they don’t … Continue reading

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Jeff Hardy May or May Not Love Crack

Jeff Hardy is either an oscar worthy actor, or cracked out of his mind.   And people PAID to watch this! Seriously.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I have one question for you Nick. Why are they not slashing throats and spraying around MORTAL KOMBAT BLOOD?!? Source from Oh Nickelodeon. When will you become violent? I’d love to see Doug dismembering bodies like Dexter. I wanna … Continue reading

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Gambino is a Mastermind…

Working out the kinks. Until then, enjoy…

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